Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith was RJ Wagner’s co-star in the Lime Street TV series. Tragically, on August 25, 1985, when returning from filming the show in London, Samantha, along with her father Arthur and six others, was killed in a plane crash in Maine.

RJ Wagner about Samantha Smith:

“Samantha Smith, Sam to me, was one of the most remarkable young women I have ever met. She will always be in my heart, and I feel that this book will capture that aspect of her personality. You will enjoy the story of this outstanding young woman.”

America’s Youngest Ambassador: The Cold War Story of Samantha Smith’s Lasting Message of Peaceby Lena Nelson (Down East Books, 2023).

From the publisher: “In 1982, amid the nuclear paranoia that engulfed the US and the Soviet Union, Samantha Smith, a fifth grader from Manchester, Maine, wrote a letter to the Kremlin asking the Soviet leader if he was going to start a war. When Pravda, the biggest Soviet newspaper, published her letter—and Samantha received an unprecedented invitation to visit the Soviet Union —her family embarked on a historic journey that helped transform the hearts and minds of two nations on a collision course.

Today, a nuclear war seems like a possibility once again. The story of a young American girl’s letter to the Soviet leader and her innocent curiosity about the other side of the Iron Curtain holds an important lesson for every American: to never stop questioning the status quo, and to recognize that the responsibility for the preservation of peace is not only the purveyance of the government. America’s Youngest Ambassador provides insights into a forgotten era and has an important message for young people who strive to be more involved in facilitating change, both locally and worldwide.

Juxtaposing Samantha’s narrative with that of her own childhood in the Soviet Union in the 1980s, Lena Nelson explores the consequences of government propaganda on both sides of the ocean and reveals how Samantha Smith’s journey in the summer of 1983 helped melt the hearts of the Soviets and thaw the ice of the Cold War. Drawing on interviews conducted in both the US and Russia with key players in the events of those days, among them Samantha’s mother Jane, Nelson blends storytelling, anecdotes, and analysis of Soviet-American relations to tell the story of this unprecedented moment in history.”

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