Additional Videos

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Added 04/01/2024 – Rapid fire with Natasha. A quick Q&A of questions.

Added 02/13/2024 – RJ’s birthday toast to family and friends for his 94th birthday celebration.

Hello from RJ. 08/14/2023

Hart to Hart Reunion Good Morning America from 2013.

1967 International Festival of popular songs documentary directed by Robert Wagner & Phil Wilson

RJ – Introduction for TCM’s Natalie Wood Day 8/22/2020

Natasha & Clover, RJ, Courtney & Katie’s introductions for TCM’s Natalie Wood Day 8/22/2020

30th Anniversary Video for RJ & Jill from May 26, 2020

Tom Cottle Interview with RJ from mid 80’s.

Sam Snead vs Robert Wagner Celebrity Golf Game

Robert Preston, Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Robert Wagner poking fun at the football players strike. 1982


RJ & Jill Interview 1987

RJ on the Jack Benny show October 16, 1960.

Over The Hills Directors First Cut: Filmed in 2013, Released in 2016:
Starring Robert Wagner, Tim Conway, Sean Stone and Lisa Marie Wilson. Over the Hills pilot co-written by Lisa Marie Wilson and Rick Dominguez.

Logline: JJ (Robert Wagner), Alvy (Tim Conway), and Spike (Ron Masak), all in their 70’s, are “Over the Hills” Film and TV stars from the 1970’s but now by circumstance, star on a really slick reality show as hip old people.

ADDED 10/9/2020 – Short Q & A from RJ’s first book, Pieces of My Heart in 2009.

Added 10/19/2020 – Hour of Stars with Robert Wagner