Episode Guide – Hart to Hart


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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
0 0 “Hart to Hart” Tom Mankiewicz Tom Mankiewicz,
Sidney Sheldon
August 25, 1979
A friend of millionaire Jonathan Hart appears to have committed suicide whilst driving home from The Golden Goose Health Spa. Jonathan is joined undercover by his wife, Jennifer, as they try to find out what really happened.

Season 1

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 “Hit Jennifer Hart” Tom Mankiewicz Teleplay by: Tom Mankiewicz & Rogers Turrentine
Story by: Rogers Turrentine
September 22, 1979
When Jonathan breaks up a semi-slavery ring, the manager running it sends a hit man (Craig Wasson) to pretend to be Jennifer’s cousin and terminate her.
2 2 “Passport to Murder” Ray Austin David T. Levinson September 29, 1979
A yacht trip becomes dangerous when one of the Harts’ guests is blackmailed into running drugs.
3 3 “Jonathan Hart Jr.” Ray Austin Vicki King October 6, 1979
An innocent woman is blackmailed by her ex-husband into using their son to extort money from Jonathan.
4 4 “Death in the Slow Lane” Sam Wanamaker Teleplay by: Donald Ross & David Solomon
Story by: Donald Ross
October 13, 1979
When Jonathan buys Jennifer a rare antique car for her birthday, she is less than thrilled – but two Brits seem suspiciously eager to take it off her hands.
5 5 “You Made Me Kill You” Leo Penn Teleplay by: Laurence Richards & Edward Martino
Story by: Lawrence Hertzog
October 23, 1979
A young woman (Kathleen Lloyd) is obsessed with Jonathan and wants to take Jennifer’s place.
6 6 “Murder Between Friends” Seymour Robbie Teleplay by: Laurence Richards
Story by: E. Jeffrey Smith & Walt Rappeport
October 30, 1979
Two of the Harts’ friends are suspects in the murder of a famous divorce attorney – and they aren’t answering Jennifer’s and Jonathan’s questions.
7 7 “Cop Out” Ralph Senensky Teleplay by: David Solomon
Story by: Sherry Sonnett
November 6, 1979
When a prostitute is murdered, one of Jennifer’s former sources asks her to investigate. Guest stars: Markie Post and Bert Remsen.
8 8 “Max in Love” Leo Penn Teleplay by: Edward Martino & David Solomon
Story by: Will Thornbury & Bruce Darling and Edward Martino & David Solomon
November 13, 1979
Max has met a lovely woman who seems to enjoy his company also – but she’s part of a theft ring that cleaned out the Harts.

Guest stars: René Auberjonois and Daniel J. Travanti.

9 9 “A New Kind of High” Alan Cooke Teleplay by: Sherry Sonnet & Edward Martino
Story by: Laurence Richards
November 27, 1979
Two chemists (Paul Rudd, Karen Austin) at one of Jonathan’s subsidiaries have developed a new hallucinogen, and their supervisor is killed when he tries to report them to Jonathan.
10 10 “With This Gun, I Thee Wed” Seymour Robbie Teleplay by: Richard De Roy
Story by: Bob Shayne
December 4, 1979
The Harts receive a last-minute invitation to the wedding of Jonathan’s old girlfriend (Christine Belford) and discover she is being forced into a marriage to an old nemesis, Alex Constantine (Richard Johnson). Guest stars: Vincent Schiavelli and Tommy Lasorda.
11 11 “The Man with the Jade Eyes” Tom Mankiewicz Teleplay by: Edward Martino
Story by: Marshall Williams & James J. Agazzi
December 11, 1979
A man collapses at the Harts’ restaurant table and asks them to protect the man with jade eyes and take him to the temple. Guest stars: Edward Mulhare and James Hong.
12 12 “Color Jennifer Dead” Alex March Teleplay by: Edward Martino & David Solomon
Story by: Paul W. Cooper
January 8, 1980
The man who was painting Jennifer’s portrait dies, supposedly while driving drunk, but the Harts don’t believe the official explanation.
13 13 “A Question of Innocence” Ralph Senensky Allyn Freeman January 15, 1980
The lady (Jeanette Nolan) who runs the newsstand in Jonathan’s building is being blackmailed for a murder she may not have committed.
14 14 “Night Horrors” Ray Austin Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond January 22, 1980
At the haunted house recently purchased by the Harts’ “weird” friends Fred and Amanda, a dinner party turns into a deadly treasure hunt.

Guest star: Paul Shenar

15 15 “Which Way, Freeway?” Ray Austin Mary Ann Kasica & Michael Scheff January 29, 1980
Freeway, the Harts’ dog, has got a new girlfriend, and when her master is killed Freeway disappears with the gun – but doesn’t have it when he gets home.
16 16 “Downhill to Death” Tom Mankiewicz Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond February 5, 1980
When Jennifer overhears an acquaintance planning to murder his wife on the ski slopes, she and Jonathan jet off to Vail to prevent it – but the wife isn’t the one who winds up dead.
17 17 “The Raid” Leo Penn Allyn Freeman February 26, 1980
When a researcher is kidnapped in a South American country by an old adversary of Jonathan’s, Jonathan undertakes to personally deliver the ransom and ensure the safety of the researcher and his pregnant wife.
18 18 “Sixth Sense” Ralph Senensky Teleplay by: Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond
Story by: Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond & Bill Taub
March 11, 1980
A precognitive young woman, Sara Morgan (Laurie Heineman), sees herself being murdered, but it is her unknown twin sister, and she indeed turns up dead. The twins were given up for adoption and don’t know about each other. The Harts suspect that she was killed by her greedy half-brother Gordon (Paul Bryar), who hired a PI, Al Teresi (Joe Mantell) to find her for their grandfather, Herb Whitley (Eduard Franz), who wants her to inherit some of his estate. When Al Teresi finds her, Gordon kills her and tries to hush it up. Using Gordon’s weakness for fortune tellers, the Harts and Max hold a seance for Gordon’s benefit that is the climax of the episode. Sara appears as the spirit of the murdered girl and then puts her hand on his shoulder as a real live person, whereupon Gordon says “This can’t be, I killed you,” and the police come out from behind the curtain and arrest him. The seance has to be seen to be believed.
19 19 “Does She or Doesn’t She?” George W. Brooks Jeff Myrow & Donna Myrow March 18, 1980
Hairdresser Barry styles the hair of the creme de la creme. But when his clients wind up blackmailed to pay Barry’s loan shark, can the Harts help Barry break free before someone else winds up dead?
20 20 “Cruise at Your Own Risk” Earl Bellamy Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond & E. Nick Alexander April 8, 1980
A diamond theft on a cruise ship owned by Jonathan leads the Harts to join the cruise ship to catch the thief.
21 21 “Too Many Cooks Are Murder” Frank Beascoechea Mary Ann Kasica & Michael Scheff May 6, 1980
Maurice, a famous French chef and chemist, has created something world-changing and wants to distribute it through Jonathan’s company, but before he can tell Jonathan about it, he is killed and his recipes stolen.
22 22 “Death Set” Tom Mankiewicz Stanley Roberts & Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond May 13, 1980
Marital suspicions lead a woman to accidentally kill her husband, but when his debt-ridden brother tries to step into his place, the Harts blow his cover and the widow may take her own revenge.

Season 2

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
23 1 “Murder, Murder on the Wall” Tom Mankiewicz Robert E. Swanson November 11, 1980
The Harts look forward to a nice lunch with Jennifer’s friend and her new husband, but her husband suddenly disappears and is shortly found dead. Meanwhile, two men who followed him out of the restaurant next show up in his L.A. apartment and start following who they think is his wife: Jennifer.
24 2 “What Murder?” John Patterson Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond November 18, 1980
After witnessing a murder, Jonathan hits his head and loses his memory. As he tries to recover his memory, he starts to suspect he may have had a mistress – and killed her.
25 3 “This Lady Is Murder” Earl Bellamy Teleplay by: Paul L. Ehrmann
Story by: Barbara Butler
November 25, 1980
Jennifer is kidnapped by a man who wants to get some of the money from an old crime by holding his ex-partner’s wife, who happens to be a dead ringer for Jennifer.
26 4 “Murder Is a Man’s Best Friend” Tom Mankiewicz Donald Ross December 9, 1980
Freeway is chosen to star in a new dog food ad campaign, but the creator has a secret ingredient and will kill to hide it.
27 5 “‘Tis the Season to Be Murdered” Earl Bellamy Lawrence Hertzog December 16, 1980
Jennifer and Jonathan go undercover to identify a toy plan thief who has become a murderer.
28 6 “Murder Wrap” Michael Hiatt Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond January 6, 1981
An Egyptologist is killed just before the opening of a stagey exhibit, featuring the mummy of an ancient Egyptian prince who legend says is waiting for his princess to join him in death – and she looks just like Jennifer.
29 7 “Murder in Paradise” Tom Mankiewicz Allyn Freeman January 13, 1981
Jonathan and Jennifer are in Hawaii for a croquet tournament when a tournament official is stabbed, and the Harts wind up in an international dilemma involving the KGB, MI-6, the CIA, and a fancy key that may unlock deadly secrets.
30 8 “Ex-Wives Can Be Murder” Alex March Mary Ann Kasica & Michael Scheff January 20, 1981
When Max’s long-dead ex-wife suddenly reappears, kidnapping and a hot diamond necklace are not far behind.
31 9 “Murder Is a Drag” Leo Penn Donald Ross February 3, 1981
Scalped stolen opera tickets land Jonathan in the middle of a plot to assassinate the DA who is fighting organized crime.
32 10 “Hart-Shaped Murder” Harry Mastrogeorge Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond February 10, 1981
The Harts want to give their charity committee gourmet chocolate hearts as a thank-you, but when one turns out to have been part of a smuggling operation, can Jonathan and Jennifer figure out what is going on before someone tries the “special” chocolates from an unknown admirer?
33 11 “Slow Boat to Murder” Leo Penn Mary Ann Kasica & Michael Scheff February 17, 1981
Chief accountant of Hart Industries, Stanley Friesen, is set up to take a murder rap after an evening on the town. In an attempt to clear him, the Harts retrace his steps (and act as singles) which leads them to discover a gambling ring.

Guest star: Joanna Cassidy

34 12 “Murder in the Saddle” Earl Bellamy Anthony Yerkovich February 24, 1981
It’s roundup time at the Harts’ ranch, but Jonathan and Jennifer are distracted by dying animals, a rumored chemical spill, and a murder.
35 13 “Homemade Murder” Tom Mankiewicz Teleplay by: Leonard Kantor & Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond
Story by: Arnold Somkin
March 3, 1981
A new Hart employee delivers some papers to Jonathan, along with evidence of a murder. She hides the clue in Freeway’s toy and the Harts are held hostage by the murderer.
36 14 “Solid Gold Murder” Earl Bellamy Les Carter March 24, 1981
Max’s bodybuilder protégé Vince is about to open a gym, but someone tries to steal Vince’s famous barbells – twice. They leave Max injured the first time and a Scotland Yard inspector dead the second time, muttering the name Noel Teppman, an almost-mythical gold thief. Jonathan realizes Vince has been pumping not iron but gold and sets a trap for Teppman.

Technical error: Gold is 2.45 times as dense as iron, and a gold barbell would appear very different.

37 15 “Getting Aweigh with Murder” Harry Mastrogeorge Allyn Freeman April 14, 1981
To catch a group of counterfeiters who murdered an investigator, Jennifer and Jonathan go on a cruise, she posing as a European countess and he working as a ship’s steward.
38 16 “The Murder of Jonathan Hart” Earl Bellamy Teleplay by: Mary Ann Kasica & Michael Scheff
Story by: David Loughery & Mary Ann Kasica & Michael Scheff
April 28, 1981
After two attempts on Jonathan’s life, he stages his own murder to see why someone is trying to get him out of the way. A stranger who once helped Jonathan out of a snowdrift turns up with a will supposedly leaving everything to him, and Jonathan’s lawyer Owen starts putting the moves on Jennifer.
39 17 “The Latest in High Fashion Murder” Tom Mankiewicz Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond May 5, 1981
After a young model is killed at a fashion party, Jennifer and Jonathan agree to pose for a fashion shoot that leads to another murder. But Jennifer may have been the intended victim. The music from Fame. Guest star: Lois Chiles.

Note: During one scene, the Styx song “Half-Penny, Two-Penny” from their album Paradise Theatre can be prominently heard.

40 18 “Operation Murder” John Patterson Lawrence Hertzog May 12, 1981
Did Jennifer’s concussion cause her to hallucinate a patient being murdered?
41 19 “Murder Takes a Bow” Harry Winer Mary Ann Kasica & Michael Scheff May 19, 1981
When a playwright friend of the Harts’ is killed and the Harts’ copy of his last work is snatched, Jonathan is convinced something in the play motivated the murderer.
42 20 “Blue Chip Murder” Dennis Donnelly Donald Ross May 26, 1981
The Harts find a hidden room in their house, and someone else may be looking for it to find the missing fortune of the original owner of the house.

Season 3

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
43 1 “Harts and Flowers” Harry Winer Tom Swale & Duane Poole October 6, 1981
Max creates a rose hybrid he calls the Jennifer Hart Rose and enters it in a prestigious contest under Jennifer’s name. She becomes the target for murder when she is stalked by a psychotic leading judge.
44 2 “A Couple of Harts” Dennis Donnelly Kenneth Alan Berg October 13, 1981
While vacationing in Acapulco, the Harts’ borrowed car breaks down. They ask for help at the nearby estate and find themselves posing as domestics, attempting to prevent a politically motivated assassination.
45 3 “Hartland Express” Dennis Donnelly Ross Teel November 3, 1981
An air traffic controllers’ strike forces Jennifer and Jonathan to take a train from Chicago to Los Angeles. When Jennifer discovers the dead body of Jim Casey (David Doyle) hidden in their closet, the Harts become involved in protecting a government witness from would-be assassins.
46 4 “What Becomes a Murder Most?” Harry Winer Donald P. Roos November 10, 1981
An ad campaign for a costly fake fur using high society ladies as models, including Jennifer, turns deadly when one of the women is murdered. After another woman is killed, Jonathan wants the ads ended to protect Jennifer from any danger.
47 5 “Murder Up Their Sleeve” Tom Mankiewicz Mary Ann Kasica & Michael Scheff November 17, 1981
A magician and his brother, who has had surgery to look just like Jonathan, plan to replace him and gain control of the Hart empire.
48 6 “Harts Under Glass” Harry Winer Teleplay by: Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond
Story by: Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond & Lawrence Hertzog
November 24, 1981
The Harts get trapped in a glass cage by an eccentric art collector. However, they only want Jennifer, not Jonathan. A diamond ring given to Jennifer by Jonathan for their fifth anniversary enables their escape from the glass-walled room where they are being held captive.
49 7 “Rhinestone Harts” Dennis Donnelly Tom Swale & Duane Poole December 1, 1981
The Harts new musical investment, singer Lorene Tyler (country music guest star Charly McClain), is beginning an international tour. The singer’s husband Jesse, a jewel thief, has a costume made for her that sparkles with diamonds disguised as rhinestones. After the outfit is loaned to Jennifer, Lorene’s husband is desperate to retrieve it. Robert Englund also stars.
50 8 “Hart of Darkness” Karen Arthur Lawrence Hertzog December 8, 1981
A psychotic man pours a blinding chemical into the Harts’ pool. Seconds after Jonathan dives in for his morning swim, he surfaces, screaming in pain. After Jonathan is rushed to the hospital, the unexplained attacks continue.
51 9 “Hartbreak Kid” Robert Loggia Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond December 15, 1981
The Harts’ filly, J.J. Hart, looks like a winner. However, two men with a great deal riding on the upcoming horse race can’t afford to have their horse beaten.
52 10 “From the Depths of My Hart” Tom Mankiewicz Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond January 5, 1982
Combining business with pleasure, the Harts scuba dive off the coast of Largos, testing an innovative underwater camera for the Navy. Early afternoon, as the Harts stroll along the beach, the body of a Navy SEAL working on the project washes on shore.

Lionel Stander does not appear in this episode.

Note: This episode aired 37 days after Robert Wagner’s wife, Natalie Wood, drowned off Santa Catalina Island.

53 11 “Hartless Hobby” Earl Bellamy Donald P. Roos January 12, 1982
The Harts visit the gallery of a well-known stamp collector to see the Vermillion, the most valuable stamp in the world. However, they soon gain possession of the stamp, and find their lives are in serious danger.
54 12 “My Hart Belongs to Daddy” Dennis Donnelly Rick Husky January 19, 1982
Jennifer’s reunion with her father in Washington D.C. is laced with danger and surprise when she learns he was an intelligence officer in World War II and is now the target of an assassination conspiracy by an unhinged German man seeking revenge for his own father’s death.
55 13 “Hart of Diamonds” Harry Winer Carol Saraceno & Stephen Richmond February 2, 1982
After the owner of the salon she’s visiting hypnotizes her into stealing valuable baubles from her friends as well as the jewelry store, Jennifer is branded a jewel thief.
56 14 “Harts and Palms” Tom Mankiewicz Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond & Allyn Freeman February 9, 1982
On a restful trip to Maui, the Harts become involved in a murder when Jennifer hears the wife of Jonathan’s business associate plotting to murder her husband.
57 15 “The Hart of the Matter” Earl Bellamy Tom Swale & Duane Poole February 16, 1982
A remote island, an exotic European chateau, and the mysterious disappearance of a publisher they were supposed to meet on the French Riviera are not what the Harts anticipated when planning their romantic getaway.
58 16 “Blue and Broken-Harted” Michael Hiatt Teleplay by: Donald Ross
Story by: Donald Ross & Allan R. Folsom
February 23, 1982
Jonathan and Jennifer enact a troubled marriage in very public places to flush out the culprit who is trying to cause a rift between them and why. Guest star Michael Lerner plays Arthur.
59 17 “Harts on Their Toes” Peter Medak Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond March 2, 1982
The Harts become involved in international intrigue when they infiltrate a ballet company to clear a world-renowned Soviet dancer of murder charges.
60 18 “Deep in the Hart of Dixieland” Earl Bellamy Donald P. Roos March 9, 1982
While attempting to clear a friend of murder charges, the Harts become entangled in a disturbed woman’s fantasies.
61 19 “Vintage Harts” Harry Winer Donald P. Roos March 23, 1982
Jonathan’s vineyard partner discovers that their wine, Hart-Cabri, is being sold as a more expensive vintage, “Chateau St Claire”. After his partner is murdered, Hart investigates. Guest star Carolyn Seymour.
62 20 “Hart, Line, and Sinker” Cliff Bole Stephen Katz & Peter Elliot March 30, 1982
The Harts just want the solitude of their mountain cabin for a weekend. Instead, they end up trying to rescue their caretaker who has been framed for murder by the local sheriff.

Guest stars: Lane Smith, Barry Corbin

63 21 “Hart and Sole” Earl Bellamy Lawrence Hertzog April 6, 1982
Jonathan’s new suit has been switched with another. To save time he decides to make the exchange himself rather than through the tailor. At the other man’s hotel room, Jonathan and Jennifer discover a body.
64 22 “The Harts Strike Out” Peter Medak Donald P. Roos May 4, 1982
A friend of Jonathan dies leaving his widow and son with a valuable assortment of baseball cards. Before the Harts can sell the collection for the family, it is stolen.
65 23 “To Coin a Hart” Karen Arthur Teleplay by: Catherine Bacos & Bill LaMond & Jo LaMond
Story by: Catherine Bacos
May 11, 1982
Jennifer’s purchase of a flower from a blind woman leads to an attempted kidnapping when the change she receives is not a quarter, but a very valuable rare coin.
66 24 “Harts and Fraud” Gabrielle Beaumont Donna Pekkonen May 18, 1982
The Harts face a two-million-dollar wrongful death suit when a fender bender results in a driver’s death. The couple immediately suspects insurance fraud, which leads them to a crooked lawyer.

Season 4

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No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
67 1 “On a Bed of Harts” Leo Penn Bill LaMond,
Jo LaMond
September 28, 1982
Jonathan decides to purchase his and Jennifer’s Honeymoon bed, but the wrong bed is delivered. In their search for the “real” bed, the Harts become entangled in an international art smuggling scheme through San Francisco and the Napa Valley.
68 2 “With This Hart, I Thee Wed” Burt Brinckerhoff Madeline Di Maggio,
Mary DiMaggio
October 12, 1982
The Harts witness a murder when the spiritual mentor and bridegroom of Jennifer’s aunt meets an untimely death.

Guest stars: Eva Gabor, Keene Curtis, William Windom.

69 3 “Million Dollar Harts” Harry Winer Richard Raskind October 19, 1982
While waiting for Jonathan to finish a meeting in a London casino, Jennifer is used as an unwitting pawn to transport money to the United States by a Baron.
70 4 “Harts on Campus” Peter Medak Donald P. Roos October 26, 1982
Jonathan joins Jennifer at her prep school reunion and is drugged by a former admirer who wants Jennifer for himself.
71 5 “Harts at High Noon” Gabrielle Beaumont Alan Rachins November 9, 1982
Jonathan and Jennifer are asked to buy an apparently bankrupt ghost town.
72 6 “Harts’ Desire” Kevin Connor Lana Sands November 16, 1982
Jennifer’s former professor asks her to pose as a romance fiction writer during a promotional appearance.
73 7 “Rich and Hartless” Michael Hiatt Lawrence Hertzog November 23, 1982
Max is duped into thinking he won a million dollars, and he leaves the Harts to thieves who take over the house.
74 8 “In the Hart of the Night” Gabrielle Beaumont Lisa Lazarus,
Duane Poole,
Tom Swale
November 30, 1982
Jonathan and Jennifer try to help a king save his culture’s golden statue after it is stolen and replaced with a worthless look-alike.
75 9 “One Hart Too Many” Peter Medak Paul Boorstin,
Sharon Boorstin
December 7, 1982
Jennifer finds herself in over her head at the Grey Gables Health Farm when the doctor in charge is killing guests and replacing them with lookalikes.
76 10 “A Christmas Hart” Gabrielle Beaumont Rowby Goren December 21, 1982
Jonathan and Jennifer are robbed during a birthday party for Max and go undercover for Jingle-Grams.
77 11 “Hunted Harts” Gabrielle Beaumont Amelia Anderson,
Hugh McKay,
Donald Ross
January 4, 1983
While visiting a wildlife reserve, Jonathan and Jennifer are hunted as prey by a competitor of Hart Industries.
78 12 “Emily by Hart” Bruce Kessler Lawrence Hertzog January 11, 1983
A young reporter influenced by Jennifer is murdered by her fiance’s employer.
79 13 “Pounding Harts” Harry Winer Donald P. Roos January 18, 1983
A drug trafficking scheme is ruined when Freeway’s kennel is switched with one containing cocaine.
80 14 “Chamber of Lost Harts” Reza Badiyi Donald P.H. Eaton,
Bill LaMond,
Jo LaMond
February 1, 1983
Jonathan and Jennifer stumble into a plan to steal ancient treasures from a South American archaeological dig.
81 15 “Harts on the Scent” Kevin Connor Elaine Newman,
Jaron Summers
February 15, 1983
Jonathan buys a perfume factory following the murder of the owner by his chemist wife and her lover.

Guest Star: Diana Muldaur

82 16 “Bahama Bound Harts” Stuart Margolin Bill LaMond,
Jo LaMond,
Donald P. Roos
February 22, 1983
Jonathan and Jennifer travel to the Bahamas to meet with a recluse, and discover that his assistant has replaced him with an impostor to gain control of his fortune.
83 17 “As the Hart Turns” Paul Krasny Donald Ross,
Ronnie Wenker-Konner
March 1, 1983
Jennifer wins a walk-on role on a soap opera which leads to a writing job that nearly gets her killed by the leading man.
84 18 “The Wayward Hart” Kevin Connor Mike Snyder,
Elizabeth Tully
March 8, 1983
Jonathan inadvertently buys Max a lethally poisonous cigar. Max leaves after Jonathan calls him predictable, leaving the Harts to try to find Max before it’s too late.
85 19 “A Change of Hart” Harry Winer Bill LaMond,
Jo LaMond
March 22, 1983
A hitwoman kills a commissioner and ends up taking Jonathan, Jennifer and Max hostage.
86 20 “Hartstruck” Karen Arthur Lawrence Hertzog April 12, 1983
A psychotic woman is obsessed with Jonathan and is killing anyone who gets her way.
87 21 “Too Close to Hart” Earl Bellamy Donald P. Roos May 3, 1983
Art forgers are replacing masterpiece paintings with fakes and the Harts take action to trap them.
88 22 “A Lighter Hart” Bruce Kessler Donald P. Roos May 10, 1983
Jennifer’s cousin slips into a coma after being continually drugged by the owners of a health club.

Season 5

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
89 1 “Two Harts Are Better Than One” Kevin Connor Lawrence Hertzog,
Donald Ross
September 27, 1983
Jonathan and Jennifer remember how they first met and fell in love in the midst of murder and international intrigue in the picturesque locale of London.
90 2 “Straight Through the Hart” Kevin Connor Martin Roth October 4, 1983
Jonathan thunders into the glamor and excitement of polo, unaware that he and Jennifer have become targets for murder in a smuggling scheme using a prized polo mallet to transport a million-dollar gem.
91 3 “Hostage Harts” Paul Krasny Donald Ross October 18, 1983
Jennifer fears for Jonathan’s life when ruthless jewel thieves take him hostage during a robbery while he’s on a business trip in Paris.
92 4 “Pandora Has Wings” Paul Krasny Larry Forrester,
Ronnie Wenker-Konner
October 25, 1983
Jennifer races to save Jonathan, who is serving as radar operator aboard a fighter jet rigged by a saboteur to explode during its top secret test mission.
93 5 “Harts and Hounds” Kevin Connor Lawrence Hertzog November 1, 1983
A traditional fox hunt is marred by murder during the Harts’ visit to England – and sends them off on the trail of a killer.
94 6 “Love Game” Paul Krasny Bill Froehlich,
Stephen Kandel,
Mark Lisson
November 8, 1983
Jonathan teams with tennis great Martina Navratilova in a game of doubles aimed at exposing a deceitful tennis pro and the stockbroker who is blackmailing him.
95 7 “Passing Chance” Paul Krasny Lawrence Hertzog November 15, 1983
While in Greece, Jonathan and Jennifer race to save their lives and the future of Hart Industries when a European business magnate seeks to destroy them during a cross-country car rally.
96 8 “Long Lost Love” Karen Arthur Donald P. Roos November 22, 1983
A woman claims to be Jennifer’s half-sister and her father believes she could be the daughter of his nurse during the war. Jonathan, however, is suspicious and sets out to find the truth.
97 9 “Highland Fling” Ralph Senensky Larry Forrester November 29, 1983
Jonathan and Jennifer’s delightful excursion to the Scottish Highland games is laced with danger when Jennifer becomes the target of a man who is her rival for leadership of a world-famous clan.
98 10 “Year of the Dog” Karen Arthur Lawrence Hertzog December 13, 1983
The Harts’ lives are at stake when a valuable ancient jade carving leads them into the heart of mysterious Macao, where they encounter a Chinese arms dealer who has become a threat to U.S. national security.
99 11 “Trust Your Hart” Paul Krasny Walter Dallenbach December 20, 1983
In keeping with the season’s spirit, Jonathan and Jennifer take in a girl who learns that her parents died in a car crash that left her comatose for seven years.
100 12 “Harts on the Run” Paul Krasny Towne Allen,
Stephen Kandel,
Carol Saraceno
January 3, 1984
Jennifer takes refuge in a convent after witnessing a gangland slaying. Jonathan must race to save her when the killer discovers her hiding place.
101 13 “Whispers in the Wings” Seymour Robbie Lawrence Hertzog January 10, 1984
Jennifer is stalked by a psychotic stage manager who lurks in the wings as the Harts don top hats and tails to perform in a charity benefit in the Big Apple.
102 14 “Max’s Waltz” Karen Arthur Patrick Mathews January 17, 1984
Jennifer and Jonathan help Max search for his lady love, who has fallen victim to a pair of money-hungry crooks. Featuring guest star Dorothy Lamour.
103 15 “The Dog Who Knew Too Much” Ralph Senensky Stephen Kandel January 24, 1984
Jonathan and Jennifer are stalked by dangerous industrial spies after they are entrusted with a dog that happens to be carrying a valuable biogenetic formula.
104 16 “Silent Dance” George McCowan Larry Forrester January 31, 1984
A young figure skater’s dreams of Olympic gold will be shattered unless Hart Industries can mix modern technology with the astounding talent of skater Tai Babilonia.
105 17 “Death Dig” Paul Krasny Larry Forrester February 21, 1984
While vacationing on the exotic island of Rhodes, Jennifer and Jonathan become ensnared in a scheme for the smuggling of ancient Greek artifacts and are nearly entombed in the process. There is nice scenery from the island of Rhodes.
106 18 “The Shooting” George McCowan Marvin Himelfarb,
Stephen Kandel,
William Whitehead
February 28, 1984
Jennifer takes on a glamorous modeling assignment, not knowing that the camera is rigged with an explosive device, as Jonathan races to stop the deadly scheme concocted by a vengeful man from Jennifer’s past.
107 19 “Slam Dunk” Ralph Senensky Shea E. Butler,
Roderick Mann
March 6, 1984
Jonathan and Jennifer pose as a professor and a student in a dangerous scheme to expose the person responsible for the drug framing of Max’s nephew, a college basketball star.
108 20 “Larsen’s Last Jump” Earl Bellamy Larry Forrester March 13, 1984
The Harts and Max are held at gunpoint when a murderer realizes that Jonathan has incriminating evidence linking him to the death of a champion skier.
109 21 “Always, Elizabeth” Ralph Senensky Lawrence Hertzog,
Donald P. Roos
May 15, 1984
The Harts and Max fear for their lives when the debt-ridden brother of Max’s penpal believes Max is rich and comes to steal some of his fortune.
110 22 “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch” Ray Austin Stephen Kandel May 22, 1984
Max is taken hostage. The Harts scramble to save him by participating in a scheme aimed at robbing an international jewel salesman of 20 million dollars in gems.

Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
M1 Hart to Hart Returns Peter H. Hunt Richard Chapman,
James G. Hirsch,
E. Jack Kaplan
November 5, 1993
Jonathan expresses an interest in buying an aircraft company from a friend, and finds himself implicated in a murder case when corrupt defense contractors aim to prevent the takeover. Meanwhile, Jennifer has difficulty getting her latest story published and Max experiences problems training Freeway Jr.
M2 Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is Peter H. Hunt Lawrence Hertzog February 18, 1994
When Jennifer’s beloved teacher and mentor dies suddenly, she leaves the town she owned, Kingman’s Ferry, to Jennifer. A trail of mysterious clues leads the Harts to long-kept secrets about the town that were directly tied to her friend’s “accident,” and it looks like they’re destined to meet the same fate unless they can solve the mystery of Kingman’s Ferry before it’s too late.
M3 Hart to Hart: Crimes of the Hart Peter H. Hunt Lawrence Hertzog March 25, 1994
Someone is trying to sabotage a Broadway production of a play Jennifer wrote in college. When one of the stage hands is murdered, even Jonathan is a suspect. The Harts don’t have much time to ensure that the show will go on.
M4 Hart to Hart: Old Friends Never Die Peter H. Hunt Lawrence Hertzog May 6, 1994
Jonathan and Jennifer travel to publisher Alfred Raines’ private island for a party at which Raines is hoping to sign Jennifer to a writing contract. When Jennifer overhears someone plotting to murder a man during the weekend, she and Jonathan set out to discover who’s trying to kill who and almost get themselves killed in the process.
M5 Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart Kevin Connor Rob Gilmer March 6, 1995
At a Hart Industries charity auction, Jennifer finds a locket that could hold the key to unlocking Jonathan’s early years spent at the Mission Street Orphanage and the family he never knew. An exhibit of antique gold coins in danger of being stolen during the gala day of the auction also figures in the plot.

Note: Lionel Stander, who had played Max since the series started, died on November 30, 1994; this TV-movie marks his last appearance in this series.

M6 Hart to Hart: Two Harts in 3/4 Time Michael Tuchner Mart Crowley,
Donald Ross
November 26, 1995
Grief-stricken Jonathan and Jennifer travel to Montreal for the reading of Max’s will. A special gift from Max to the Harts holds the key to murder, intrigue, and suicide. The episode’s color copy is badly faded.[3]
M7 Hart to Hart: Harts in High Season Christian I. Nyby II Mart Crowley March 24, 1996
The Harts travel to Australia to purchase a wildlife reserve from Jennifer’s former love interest. Believing that Jonathan stole Jennifer from him years before, Elliott Manning plots to frame Jonathan for his murder and take back his beloved Jennifer.
M8 Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart Tom Mankiewicz Bill Froehlich,
Mark Lisson
August 25, 1996
Munich is the setting of yet another Hart anniversary, except this time Jennifer takes on a whole new personality. She’s there to save a young boy’s life, who knew she’d have to save her own too.

Note: This TV-movie, which was the last of the series, was broadcast exactly 17 years after the series pilot and has the same director.