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Added 9/21/2020:

As previously announced the documentary: Jay Sebring…Cutting To the Truth is being released Sept 22, 2020 in the US & Canada market. Additional markets are to be determined.

It’s being released on Apple and Amazon and other on Demand outlets. Below are the links for Amazon & Apple.

ADDED 8/27/2020 – A new documentary is being released on September 22, 2020, by Shout Factory on the life of my friend, Jay Sebring. Jay was an artist, a designer, and an entrepreneur who created a billion-dollar hair & beauty industry and defined iconic Hollywood styles for men. He was tragically murdered by Charles Manson and his gang, trying to save the life of Sharon Tate.  I included a picture of us in my book. His family has been trying to make a film about his life for years, and when they asked me to be interviewed, I was honored.

Please check out the official trailer to this incredible film.

Jay Sebring….Cutting To The Truth (2020) – Official Trailer

Added 8/27/2020 – 2nd request regarding autograph requests/fan mail.

Added 8/19/2020 – Don’t forget to check out the new page under Videos called “FaceTime Videos”

Added – 6/11/2020 – More exciting news! This September “Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind” is coming to audiences in France!  Stay tuned for more details as they become available.  


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